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The reason for Jose ‘Joma’ Maria Sison’s arrest?

UPDATE (1) on my previous article concenring the arrest of’Joma’!

Today on (added emphasis):

In a text message to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Gloria “Joy” Kintanar said she filed the murder charges that became the basis for the arrest of Sison in the in the central town of Utrecht.

“Yes I did,” Kintanar said, adding she would fly to the Netherlands to testify in the trial “if needed.”

Sison, founding chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its armed wing, the NPA, was arrested Tuesday on charges of “giving orders from the Netherlands to murder” Kintanar and Arturo Tabara.

According to Dutch prosecutors, Sison ordered the assassination of Kintanar on January 23, 2003. Kintanar was shot dead in a Japanese restaurant in Quezon City.

The communist rebels owned up to the murder of Kintanar for his alleged crimes against the “revolution and the people.”

Dutch authorities also said Sison was behind the murders of Tabara and his son-in-law Stephen Ong on September 26, 2006. Tabara, former member of the highest command of the NPA, was branded by the communist rebels as a “seasoned criminal and fanatic contra-revolutionist.”

One doens’t have to be a legal mastermind to see how ridicullous these charges are. ‘Joma‘ has resided (after his passport has been withdrawn bij the Philippine government in 1987) in the Netherlands for 20 years now!


It’s interesting to see, however, that ‘Joma‘ can be tagged as the ‘commander’ who has ordered the killings of these two men from the Netherlands, while according to the Philippine government ‘command responibility’ is not applicable to president Gloria Macapagal Aroyyo, who is the ‘commander and chief’ of the Armed forces of the Philippines (AFP).

The AFP has been tagged by human rights organisations such as amnesty international and karapatan for their role in the more then 800 political killings that has happened in the Philippines since Gloria came to power!

Another interesting comparisation is the case filed before Begian courts against General Tommy Franks, who led the US-led invasion of Iraq in march 2003, for genocide. After political pressure from the US, our Belian ‘anti-genocide’ laws were beïng changed, so that charges like these became impossible!


Since political pressure seems to be verry important in these cases, Filippino people all over the world have already responed to this arrest. So far protest have already been launched in the Philippines, in Hong Kong and in Canada. More protest will folow in the Netherlands, the US and hopefully among other places also in Belgium!

The rights of Jose Maria Sison have to be safeguarded and the peace process (starting with multual respect for human rights) in the Philippines has to be given first priority on the agenda of the Philippine government!




  1. Ang problema sa mga pulahan
    Walang magawa kundi bolahan.
    Bistado na sa madla si Joma,
    Panahon pa nga ni Mahoma.

  2. Joma is the Philippines’ Pol Pot. Several mass graves have already been found from the paranoiac purges of the 1980s, when he ordered hundreds of murders against his own comrades, killing ten to make sure one deep penetration agent could be eliminated. It was those unjust and inhuman purges that reportedly caused the even more murderous rifts between him and “rivals” for leadership.

    Since the Dutch kept him there for so long, they can keep him forever. He is your problem now, and may yet turn against you for “torturing” him by taking away his pension welfare benefits.

    I hope he meets a nice big strong Dutchman in jail to keep him warm at nights.

  3. 1) It is true that murders have accured within the rebel movements in the Philippines. This has been well documented by human rights organisations. However, these same human right organisations have never blamed ‘Joma’ as a person for these killings and he has even played an important ideological role in the so called ‘rectification’ campaign that has taken place after this.

    2) The issue here is not what happened in the ’80s, but what is happening now! The charges of him having ordered two killings in 2003 and 2006 are completely ridiculous. More importantly: they have already been dismissed by the supreme court of the Philippines as ‘politically motivated’!

    3) I hope you’re comment here clarifies for most readers that the case here is a politically motivated case, not a legal case whatsoever. That’s the point I am trying to make.

  4. My father was killed by Jose Maria Sison’s followers after he resisted to join their movement. My mother pleaded for her life before they raped her…..My mother and I are alive but it is very difficult to erase those memories. I now have moved on and work in a foreign country to support my aging mother…

    To those who support Jose Maria Sison for whatever “idealistic purposes” you have – where is your soul? So much blood has been shed and it is time to stop the sufferings of innocent people who like to work hard and not resort to violence to stop what they think is wrong in this world, like JSM’s followers blindly do.

  5. Hey, I found your blog while searching on Google your post looks very interesting for me. I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

    I’m Out! 🙂

  6. Sison is tot zijn nek betrokken bij de moord op Kintanar.
    Veel beschuldigingen van Sison richting Kintanar deugen gewoonweg niet.
    Als Koen Hostyn eens ballen had dan nam hij via facebook contact op met Nathan Quimpo die trouwens ook bedreigd is door Sison, zal wel weer niet waar wezen hé Koen.
    Walden Bello is trouwens ook bedreigd (k)oen.

  7. […] De argumentatie dat we figuren uit arabische landen moeten opnemen omdat er burgeroorlogen aan het woeden zijn is potsierlijk. In de Filippijnen heeft men maar liefst twee burgeroorlogen, met jihadisten en van die godvergeten kutcommunisten. De laatste groep, die communisten uit de Filippijnen hebben er echt een zooitje van gemaakt zie de Digos massacre hoewel de moslims er ook een puinhoop van maken zie de Miguindanao massacre. Kortom waarom moeten wij arabieren op de vlucht vanwege hun interne twisten ruimhartig toelaten maar wel zeiken over verpleegsters uit de Filippijnen? Nog gekker zit hem in het feit dat de PVDA uit België consequent altijd die godvergeten comunisten een handje boven het hand heeft gehouden, gelijk de linkse kerk in Nederland. Hiermee hebben bovenstaande figuren dus de werkdruk van de verpleegsters zwaar opgevoerd en dan durft notabene de PVDA uit Belgie over een braindrain wat verpleegsters uit de Filippijnen. Hadden die klootzakken uit Belgie en de linkse kerk in Nederland die godvergeten maoisten eens met de kloten in het bok gezet dan hadden de verpleegsters uit de Filippijnen een minder zware werkdruk gehad. Fuck de PVDA Belgie met die idioot van een Koen Hosteyn […]

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